The February Slumps

This is the quick notes in written form of our podcast on February Slumps! If you’d like to listen to the full talk, please find us in your podcast app!

It seems that every February there arises a general sentiment among homeschool moms: “UGH!” That’s about the best way to describe it. Ha! We’ve reached the 100 days of school mark (if you are counting… which Meghan and I don’t). It has been winter for months and Spring seems like it will never come. We all sit around in our couch, hot cup of coffee in hand, and beg for Jesus to miraculously take the cold away.  But this is where us mamas get to demonstrate to our kids that, we too, can rise above our feelings and get the job done. It is virtue training at its finest.

Here are some quick tips on how to overcome those February blues!

1. Take joy in the progress made! Take a moment or go on a date night with your husband to discuss and write a list of all the knowledge your kids know that they didn’t know in September. I know for me, it is seeing my kids recite the multiplication table, all of the main geographical parts of Africa, what in the world an animal cell is, committing to memory Exodus 20,  and how to play more advanced songs on the piano. And that’s just a few of the things.  WOW! We’ve accomplished a lot in these short month.

2. If you are honestly getting burnt out, take a subject off of your plate. Come back to that subject in June after you’ve completed the other major portion of your school. If you go from June-September with that one subject, that’s three whole months immersed in one subject and you will be caught up by next school year. We all have 1 hour a day in the summer months that we can dedicate to study.

3. If you feel pressure due to the amount of work you have left to finish school, feel free to not make yourself finish school by June 1st. There are more families than you know that do year-round school to allow for life to happen throughout the year.

4. If you honestly DON’T get burnt out mid-school year, that’s totally ok too! Don’t feel like you “aren’t doing enough” just because you aren’t as burnt out as others. It’s ok to feel just fine about where you are at in your school year.

5. Create an education goal for mid-April. Set this mini goal to keep your head in the game and to stop thinking about the far off June date. One day at a time. One week at a time. And soon enough it will be June!

6. Take a break alone! Take an hour, day, weekend… whatever you can manage to restore your soul to continue to lead your children well.

Let us know your thoughts on the mid-school year slumps!! What ideas do you have to help get to Spring?



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