College Admissions: Don’t Do This!

This is the cliff notes of our podcast with Hannah Tung past college admissions counselor and now a professor at a major Christian college.  If these cliff notes look interesting, listen to the podcast for the full details!


1. Unprofessional References- like Jesus. References are very important to the process and colleges take them seriously. This is not a time to do creative writing. Also, know that the people you write down on references will be very honest. Take them out for coffee before they write the reference you can communicate your desires and your heart for your future to your reference.

2. Only give what is asked for. If they ask for three references, give only three.

3. A big part of the application process comes after you submit your application. Visiting the campus, phone calls

4. Be professional and respectful in all circumstances.  Address the college staff by their full name and don’t be too familiar with the staff you have just met.

5. Dress appropriately.

6. Be open enough to ask your friends what they think of your teenage student to see if there are character flaws that may hurt his college admission interview. Treat a friend to Starbucks and ask them to do a mock interview with your student.

7. Essays matter. Both in content and grammar.

The biggest takeaway is that essays, academics, and life experiences all matter. Don’t pay attention to only one area, assuming that will get you into your 1st choice college.




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