Our Summer Homeschool Schedule

What does our summer schedule look like? We do a little bit of all of it year-round, minus July. I love the chill 4-school day a week schedule! There’s no uber long break that makes the kids and I forget what we learned and we’re not so stressed out that we absolutely need a 2.5 month break. In the summer months it’s fun to work on some other projects that we didn’t get to do throughout the regular school year. Even with only four days a week we can easily finish the “core” studies and do more fun things. We are doing Institute for Excellence in Writing’s FixIt Grammar and love it! It’s reinforcing the English we learned this year with a fun story. Anyway, happy Tuesday everyone! Get ‘er done, wether you are trying to finish your school year strong or continuing on through your year round schedule! You’re doing great, mama!

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