Hi! I am Molly. I Like to Wear Make Up

Messy hair don’t care? The cool “authentic” thing to say these days is that I don’t care, but the truth is, my authentic self does care. I am a pastor’s kid, went to a high school with a dress code, and lived in Geneva, Switzerland in my early 20s where the way I presented myself greatly mattered. My entire formative years were spent making sure I took ownership in how I presented myself.

Today’s homeschoolers disapprove of the still lingering 1990s physical stereotype cast on them, but what are we doing to break the idea? For those that are like me and do honestly enjoy being a little girly now and then, what if we started taking 1 minute to do that one thing? Take a moment to think about that one thing that gives you an extra strut in your step. Nicer shirt, cute earrings, fun shoes, lipstick instead of lip gloss, jeans instead of yoga pants….

I’ve been inspired by my friend Shaye over at The Elliot Homestead with her #farmgirlchic challenge.

Let’s change the image of what people think homeschooler style is.  On those days when you feel a little extra and you have a minute to do that thing that makes you feel great, snap a selfie and tag me! Use the hashtag #homeschoolchic

If you are a bit like me and have felt pressure to feel bad for enjoying getting all  gussied up: here’s your permission to keep dressing up just because you feel like it! I’ll be the first to start.

Hi, I’m Molly and I like to wear make up any time I leave the house.


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