Essential Oils and This Homeschool Mama

This isn’t your normail Essential Oil blog post! I have a deep dark secret to share with you all: I don’t have an essential oil company preference.
That’s about as awkward to have to share that piece of information to a homeschooling community as this photo is of my children trying to “smile big for the camera”! 😂 Adelaide’s face!! I can’t even.
Isn’t is just a weird culture we live in where essential oil preference is a thing? Ha! Just like, think about it for a moment: this is a real thing that gets discussed online… daily! People have time to argue this. We live in a country where my biggest problem today was what oil order I needed from what company (I am am member of both). Is it weird to be thankful for this? We are all SO blessed to be in a 1st world country

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