It’s National Coffee Day! Well, that’s exciting. As you can see, I am not a minimalist. It is fun collecting stuff. What is even more fun is having something when someone else needs it! It brings me so much joy to have something on hand in the time of need. Chances are if there’s a computer part, book, coffee something, art supply, or thingamajig… we have it and are happy to lend it to ya in a moment’s notice. I only get rid of things when I honestly think none my friends will ever need it.

Anyway… back to the elephant in the picture: the Starbucks coffee mugs. We get one for every state and country we visit. These are our state mugs. Our country mugs are on a shelf you can’t see. The funny thing: I pretty much drink iced coffee and rarely use the mugs!

Most of my friends love hot coffee, and they enjoy grabbing a mug from their favorite place. The kids and Ben use them all the time. Adelaide makes single serving microwave cakes in them. That seems to be all the rage lately too! My college years were spent working the opening shift at Starbucks in Montecito, California, so Starbucks holds a special place in my heart. I have some great memories from the time!
It snowed up on the hills today, so I guess it’s officially hot chocolate season!

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