Body Image and Memories

We got our family photos from NYC today! So many fun pics that I want to share. Naturally, I’m ripping apart my appearance 🙄

I’m constantly fighting a loosing battle to not be a critical person. I pick apart every single thing in life, which makes it hard to enjoy things sometimes. It also makes me a great resource for things because I research to high heaven to get to the root of anything

Just now as I looked through the online gallery with the kids for the first time together, I had to make a conscious effort to be complimentary of everything. I don’t want them to pick up on my never-ending critiquing.
Yes, we were a full week into our trip, had woken up at the crack of dawn and taken a 3 hour train ride to get to these photos; so maybe my hair and wrinkled shirt were not in top form. But who cares?! It’s how life was that day. I want to remember life as it was- not the perfect image (as a photographer in an Instagram world) wants it to be. I think this picture we will the big one we put in our entryway

And now that I’ve made the purposeful mindset change, I’m loving the pics more and more.

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