Some Day They Will Grow Up

Ben and I accidentally woke up just late enough this morning to miss Sunday school. I walked out of my room, showered, but not ready beyond that; but the kids were in the kitchen fully ready to leave, already done with their breakfast. “Mom, we have to leave for church in, like, 9 minutes. Why aren’t you dressed?” Obviously, had they had the opportunity to not get up and get ready right away they wouldn’t have. I just had to laugh. The roles this morning were reversed and I couldn’t be more thankful for who my kids are becoming. Little moments like these are a blessing to me. They are becoming responsible, committed, punctual people. (Their behavior is normal now… just not mine of sleeping in!)

Now if only their parents could set an alarm and not hold them back, that would be great 😂

Hang in there, Mom of little ones, soon enough you’ll be sleeping in while your kids act like the parents

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