Read Aloud Revivial

Another day of reading aloud. I post about it a lot because it’s what we do a lot. It’s just a part of our routine. We always read the Bible first, then whatever book that suits our fancy. There have been some great missionary biographies we’ve read this past year. “You are complaining about cleaning up your LEGOS? Think of Darlene in the concentration camps!” hahah. Ok, maybe that’s not using her life story in the best way, but it gets the point across. We live a ridiculously blessed life and reading about missionaries helps to remind us all that we have it so stinkin’ easy! I get to photograph people tomorrow who are traveling the country, sharing Christian music to bring a little happiness to people and glory to God. I am so thankful for modern day missionaries and the tiny, tiny role I get to play in helping them!

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