The Most Interesting Book on the History of the Semicolon

Dots seem to be in my world this week. This Semicolon book is all about that little dot that was added to a comma to form a new part of grammar, we studied a modern artist who has made millions painting dots on pumpkins, and I’ve been eating Halloween candy which means I have massive dots erupting all over my face (hence the book placement… I was too lazy to Photoshop🤣)

This book is SO interesting. Ok… there are a few chapters that are a little boring to get through because this author dives deeper than you thought possible about semicolons. However, I think any mom would love this book.
1. It encouraged me, by letting me know that people have been confused by grammar since the 1700s. There was never a generation of perfect grammar people. Stop romanticizing the past!
2. It shares the surprising reason we diagram sentences. It might make you decide to never diagram a sentence again!
3. It shows how important good grammar is, a man’s life was taken because of it (that is a crazy chapter!)
4. It will help you teach creative writing to your kids and to think on a punctuation level that lends itself to better creative writing.

I’ve read some books that are super helpful for homeschooling and yet they aren’t at all about homeschooling. I’ve decided this is my new favorite type of book to read.

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