Book Review: The Grumble Free Year

I was happy to read this advance copy of The Grumble Free Year by @triciagoyer . The Goyer Family spent a year focusing on not grumbling! Talk about a challenge! This book is super easy to read with practical questions and application and the end of each chapter. Either read the book all the way through in a week or take your time slowly working through the chapters, implementing change as you feel lead. I enjoyed reading what they learned through the year-long process. I have been looking at life differently this past week after reading this book and a few of the most random things popped into my head demanding change. Isn’t weird how God works sometimes?
This book comes at the perfect time as we head into Christmas season. I tend to buy a lot of make-up around Black Friday. I have never made it all the way to the end of a single lipstick or eye shadow. Usually I get bored of something and hand it off to Adelaide to play make-up. At it’s core, I grumble because I am discontent. I’ve decided I will not buy any make-up at until I actually run out of it. This may take 17 years. We shall see. 😂There’s no reason wasting money on something that is usually expensive when I have so much already!
I started reading this book to see how I could make my kids not be whiners. But somehow I am out new make up this season. Ha! I am making some other changes too and I hope my example will aid in my kid’s behavior.
I totally recommend this book for anyone wanting a little nudge in the contentment department! It’s available for pre-order on Amazon!

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