My Top 6 Homeschooling Books of 2019

If there is one homeschool mom stereotype that I have no quarrel with owning, it is that I am a book lover! My goal was to read 40 books this year. So far, I have read 32. I have 5 weeks to read 8 books. IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN! Ha! I can not complete my goal. I am half way though about 20 books, so if I just focus for a hot second, I can do this!
In the meantime, I am here to share with you my favorite books that I read this year. These books are for you, not your kiddos. Your kids could read these, but I have this list in mind to you encourage your reading!

1. Defying Jihad. Step inside the Muslim world of Pakistan and read about one woman’s conversion to Christianity. This book is so interesting that I don’t want to spoil anything for you. I was convicted in my 1st-world-probelms bad attitude and inspired to seek out those in need.  You will not regret reading this book. Read this book with your kids and have them appreciate their cushy life they lead and how blessed they are to have you as their parent.

2.  Mama Bear Apologetics. If you aren’t a theologian, don’t be overwhelmed by the term “apologetics”. This book takes moms through the modern core world views of today and how to combat them with the Gospel. It also have activities and discussion questions to do with your kids. This is good for all ages of kids. I will keep this book on my shelf and come back to it frequently. When my kids are slightly older, I plan to have them read it with me and to do more of the exercises. The conversation that will happen because of this book will be the best modern world information, prepping them for the real world.

3.Dryer’s English In all honesty, I haven’t finished this book, but I think most moms can attest to being fearful of nurtring more than just competent writing in their kids. This book is written by Benjamin Dreyer, who is vice president, executive managing editor and copy chief, of Random House. He knows his stuff! I know it’s going to be an encouragement and helpful guide. I consider it a living book, written by someone who is passionate about great writing; without having to be constrained to making it a curriculum.

4. Homeschooling for College Credit. If you have a child that is in 6th grade or older, read this book! This will demystify the high school years for you! You may have a dual enrollment program in your state, but read this book anyway. It will give you practical help and open your options to more than just the one everyone talks about!  I am so thankful I stumbled upon the author’s Facebook group and that book!!

5.Personality Brokers  People seem to be obsessed with personality tests. If you are someone who is all about them, I highly recommend you study the history of the tests. Did you know that Myer’s Briggs is based off of Carl Young’s teachings? Kinda crazy! This book gets a little wordy in the middle, but it’s worth it to finish it to the end.

6. Homeschool Bravely This is a practical book that will encourage you to press on in your homeschooling day. There are helpful tools and spiritual advice. It’s a quick read too!


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