It’s Ok If You Are A Go-Getter Mom!

Today I played devil’s advocate in my Instagram stories. I thought, why not let it live on, here in a post! Ha!

Whenever I get sick (which is like 2 times a year, maybe) I tend to get a bunch of comments about how I need to slow down because I am someone who is always on the go. I don’t blame them for saying this. The world is in this weird pendulum swing of idolizing doing little after the crazy rat races of the late 90s.

I keep going back to the verse in Luke 12:48: “…from everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more.”

God gave me a body that requires little sleep and energy to get things done! I have been given more than some and I will not squander it.

So, no. I don’t revel in my whole life stopping for 2 days because of our decaying, sinful world that causes us to get sick. But I will choose to take the time to recover because the Bible does also say there is a time and a place for rest.

As an extrovert go-getter, I just ask you to refrain from placing the world’s standards on God given abilities to other high-energy people like me. This goes for homeschooling methods too.

I am just as guilty of calling people lazy with a God-given slower pace of life. This street goes both ways and I am working on recognizing the differences as well!

Proverbs 31:27 She looks well to the ways of her household,
And does not eat the bread of idleness.

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