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Here we are. Another year school year coming up! Here’s the final pick of what we will be using in 2020-2021! It’s he last year that I plan to one-room-school house it. Harrison will be in highschool next year and I plan to split them up next year so he can begin the ever so gradual process of becoming fully independent.  So what you see below is what both kids will be doing for 6th and 8th grade. However, Harrison is required to dig a little deeper and understand a little more of the subjects than Adelaide. He also does higher math, Logic, ASL, and more proficient in piano. I will turn each subject into it’s own blog post so I can take the time to explain the why, but for now, here’s all the things! I’ve linked everything I can! Some of these places I am an affiliate (like Amazon). It’s not because I am a sell out. LOL It is because I honestly believe in the company and used them well before I became an affiliate. Running a blog/website does cost money.

DM me (preferably on Instagram) if a link is broken or if you have more questions! I am always happen to answer! P.S. I had to use a really old photo on here because my website was being irritable and refused to let me upload a new photo. LOL

Read Aloud.

We are going thru US History this year, so our read alouds revolve around fiction, non-fiction, missionary biographies, and famous American biographies to add depth to our History studies. We are reading them in year order, starting with 1700s Daniel Boone and finishing with 1940s The Hiding Place. Assumming 2 weeks a book to read, this will get us through 30 weeks of school. I will tack on a few more if we go faster.

  1. Chronicles of Narnia, Book 7 (finishing up the series from last year)
  2. Notes form the Tilt-A-Whirl by N.D. Wilson
  3. Daniel Boone: Frontiersman (Heroes of History)
  4. Paul Revere, The Man Behind the Legend by Margaret Green (1964)
  5. The Journals of Lewis and Clark (Lewis & Clark Expedition)
  6. Wise Words: Family Stories that Bring Proverbs to Life (a little break from history books)
  7. Indian in the Cupboard
  8. Gettysburg (Landmark Books) by MacKinlay Kantor
  9. Abe Lincoln Grows Up Paperback by Carl Sandburg
  10. Mornings on Horseback: The Story of  Theodore Roosevelt by David Mccullough
  11. The Call of the Wild by Jack London
  12. Sergeant York and the Great War by Tom Skeyhill/Richard Little Bear Wheeler
  13. John and Betty Stam- Missionaries to China
  14. The Hiding Place by Corries Ten Boom
  15. True Stories of Great Americansby Lamplighter books.



  1. Studying Romans, focusing on Romans 8 (my mom’s favorite chapter and my tattoo in her memory)
  2. Memorize Romans 8
  3. Journal Draw A verse a day from Romans 8
  4. Using Wiersbe Commentary for Romans (Christianbook.com usually has a phenomanal Black Friday sale on this set.)
  5. Around the World Journey through Christian History We are reading the book, but there’s a DVD


Read the News via Magazine

That’s right! I want my kids to be in the know . Magazines require serious though on the writer’s part. It can’t be quickly posted, deleted or shared. We read a mixture to get a feel for what is going on in the world (since we don’t have cable tv). When you compare Each of these magazines in one week, you get a really great view of what’s happening in the US right now. Just 15 minutes a day in each magazine.

  1. The New Yorker or Time Magazine.  I go back and forth with those two. Get the secular magazines on Black Friday! They are usually dirt cheap for year, like .20 an issue. Or it’s an add-on during Amazon Prime Days.
  2. Israel My Glory : Want to know what’s happening in Israel? Anything about Christians, Israel, and all that… this is the place!
  3. Voice of the Martyrs
  4. Answers in Genesis
  5. HSLDA- read the magazine to know what’s happening legally in the homeschooling world.


Foreign Language

Don’t get me started on my love for TalkBox.Mom. As most of you know, I loved their product so much, I applied for a real job there! I quit photography after 18 years and now I take pictures for TalkBox. haaha! I am actually a content specialist with them. Anyway, as someone who lived in Swizterland and spoke French the whole time I was there. Seeing this program is way better than any traditional grammar and vocab laden way of learning.

Use my code to get $20 off your first box+book: modernhomeschooler20

-American Sign Language: Harrison is enjoying this online course.


Reading aloud the literature books is an important part. I want to be able to discuss topics with the kids as they either enjoy, analyze, or write essays on the books. Some of the read alouds we just read for fun. Some are part of more work. See all books above.

  1. Essays and narrations from books.
  2. Shakespeare study
    1. How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare by Ken Ludwig
    2. Read A Midsummer’s Night Dream
    3. The Elements of Eloquence a book that will help bridge the “Why are we studying Shakespeare?!!!” questions
    4. A Year of Nature Poems by  Joseph Coelho (debated on getting a proper poetry study but want to focus on Shakespeare)



Introductory and Intermediate (second semester) Logic. Buy the NEW dvd with the new teacher. I hear it is much better.


Grammar, Spelling, Writing

  1. Institute for Excellence in Writing : Teaching Writing Structure and Style, Fix It! Grammar,
  2. Spelling Plus: 1000 Words toward Spelling Success



  1. 1. Veritas Press “You Teach” Explorers to 1815, 1815 to Modern .  I don’t buy the whole kit but I get the teacher’s guide and student work. Then I look thru which books I think I want on my shelf for a while, which I want to check out from the library. I can usually get some of them on Ebay for cheap! But I love their courses, online or otherwise.
  2. The American Heritage Book of Great American Speeches for Young People by Suzanne McIntire: Adelaide will be memorizing “I Have a Dream” Speech. Harrison will be memorizing “Give me Liberty, or Give me Death” speech.



US Geography to go with History. Draw the USA. Just gonna draw for the year and get all the states, capitals, rivers, mountains, and lakes down! Also, keeping our Classical Conversations Cartography Map.



Apologia General Science. I broke down and bought the newest edition because I couldn’t handle the mismatching page assignments from the book to the workbooks.


Art& Music

We will be going out in nature and drawing. This year it’s a little less about random craft projects, but actually trying to understand art and drawing on an artistic level.

  1. The Law’s Guide to Nature Drawing
  2. Simply Charlotte Mason Artists and Composer studies
  3. Playing Piano. Both classical, hymns, and let’s face it; Harry Potter sound track pieces. Ha!


We are switching back to Saxon this year. Teaching Textbooks was awesome for a few years, but we didn’t like the moments where the kids didn’t know how to do something and we couldn’t remember how far back in the lessons it was taught. I’d still recommend Teaching Textbooks if you are looking for an online class. Back to pencil and paper! Ben did Saxon all thru high school and he thinks it served him well for his industry now.


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