The Extra Fun Curriculum

Yesterday I shared all of the curriculum we will be using this school year. Today, it’s all the extras. You know, the online subscriptions, art classes, and things! I will keep my thoughts short. I know you just wanna get to the resources! ha!

Homeschool Help


I use Homeschool Planet to schedule my homeschool life. It is THE BEST! I love that I can sync it to the kid’s Google calendar.

This is where, you as a parent, can get equipped and encouraged to homeschool.

  • Homeschool Legal Defense of America- : this is a must in my book. Stay informed on homeschooling in America, be a member and have the support you need if you need a lawyer for homeschooling needs!
  • Schole Sisters: I love listening to their podcast for encouragement! The 3 ladies are slightly unique in their homeschooling approach.
  • Modern Miss Mason- Leah Boden I love her resources and help with subjects people don’t talk about as much, like poetry.

High School Help

Printables for all subjects


  • Bestowing the Brush. My absolute favorite! This is more than arts and crafts. This is about learning art! I LOVE Dallas.
  • Chalk Pastel- Kids love watching Nana. They can quickly draw fun pictures!
  • Art History kids- another great resource for art online


Foreign Language

These two podcasts are AMAZING for the mom who’s looking for a little more real world info while learning a language. This is more for you than the kids.

  • News in Slow French
  • Coffee Break French


  • FireFly Science– I love their monthly subscription on nature studies. Super attainable and easy to use.
  • Curiscope- super cool app for learning anatomy


Visual Theology – Some fun charts to use when you want to find something visual to understand a concept or timeline in the Bible.



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